10 Video Games Where You Work With The Villain

Step 1: Turn them into a potato.

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Redemption is a funny concept, with everyone having a different measuring stick of when it is or is not okay to give a villain a chance to make right past mistakes. Some things are universally "too far", this is true, but then you have a lot of grey area in between.

Regardless, though, games will often force you to make nice with a bad guy, either for just a little while out of convenience. or because the bad guy has seen the error of their ways and wants to legitimately help you.

These games are the best examples of those cases, whether your characters are forming an alliance of convenience, or accepting a new friend into the ranks, these are the video games that make you work with the guy who was trying to kill you not five minutes ago.

10. Loghain Mac Tir - Dragon Age Inquisition

halo 3 master chief arbiter

There are a LOT of ways you can influence the world of Dragon Age: Inquisition, thanks to the Dragon Age Keep website. From who's running each nation, to the state of certain races, characters, and organizations, to who helps you throughout the game's main story.

During one of the two main story arcs in the game sees the inquisitor having to team up with a Grey Warden from a previous game to stop corruption in his organization's ranks. Who that Warden is is entirely up to the player, but one option is Loghain from Dragon Age Origins.

Loghain Mac Tir, once the main antagonist of the first game, is given a new lease on life should the player decide to spare them at the end of Origins' climactic showdown.

To keep an eye on him since, ya know, they're not complete idiots, they induct him into the Grey Wardens, which binds him to fighting the demonic darkspawn for the rest of his life, which - speaking of - has been reduced to only 30 more years because of the induction ritual.

And sure enough, if that's your world state from Origins, then Loghain shows up in Inquisition to help the Inquisitor save the Grey Wardens from themselves

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