10 Video Games With GENIUS Tutorials

9. Portal 1 & 2

Portal 2 Wheatley
Valve Corporation

Now excuse me for putting two games in one entry, but both Portals have a brilliant approach to teaching the player how to get to grips with them.

If you’re being really cheeky you could argue that Portal 1 is a “tutorial” until the 19th stage, as it’s constantly teaching you new things before it famously goes off the rails. After all, that’s where the “testing” ends and the real narrative of the game begins.

If we’re going for personal preference though, it has to be Portal 2, mainly because of the ways in which it makes the mundane into something utterly memorable.

After looking up and down and staring at some art for your mental wellbeing, Wheatley busts you out of your room and asks you to communicate with him; yet by pressing the button prompt shown on screen, you jump instead of speak, which highlights the ridiculous adventure you’re about to embark on.

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