10 Video Games With THE BEST Boss Battles

9. Monster Hunter World

cuphead devil

In its current state, and with the phenomenal Iceborne DLC that's been released for the title, Monster Hunter World is the pinnacle of a franchise moving at pace. The climactic battles with monsters of all shapes and sizes have always been the central orbit of the series, but here it's simply beyond what anyone could have possibly have envisioned.

The graphical oomph given to the title and the absolutely brilliant difficulty curve and welcoming community means that even newcomers to the series have been swept up in the hype that permanently surrounds this series.

Very few games would take the risk of up to half an hour boss battles where everything could go wrong in seconds, but Monster Hunter World makes those sort of moments appealing, where you're not just kicking yourself for not doing it right, but instead actively turning to others for advice and support in order to grow as a hunter.

The ways in which you can fell these beasts are myriad, and thanks to the robust selection of weapons and armour you'll find something to match any play style. There's nothing quite like taking down a forty-foot dragon for the first time, but it's an experience that only gets BETTER when it's your fiftieth time doing so alongside some firm friends.

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