10 Video Games With THE BEST Boss Battles

10. No More Heroes

Grasshopper Manufacture

I absolutely adore the first two No More Heroes game, and no word of a lie there was a righteous fist pump when NMH3 was announced in an utterly bizarre fashion (seriously watch the trailer). This deep-seated adoration comes directly from how the titles present boss battles, making the player grind through boring side quests and extreme padding before doling out some of the most intense and creative encounters going.

In the first game alone you battle a granny with a 100-foot long gun, a sadomasochist baseball bat-wielding woman known as "bad girl", and even a false superhero who uses every dirty trick in the book. The sheer level of humor prevalent throughout the fights makes these grinds to get there all the more rewarding and actually is used by the games designer Suda51 as a means of making a commentary on the nature of violence and gratification.

Still, even if you're not into the surprisingly deep subtext of the game, there's more blood, bodies, and brilliant moments than you could shake your beam sword at.

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