10 Video Games With The Most Collectibles

Batman: Arkham with its Riddler Trophies doesn't even crack the top five!

DK Collectibles

Since the 1980s, games have been centered around collecting... well... collectibles. Whether it's Pac-Man gobbling up pellets or Mario gathering Power Stars, many games can only completed by obtaining a required amount of baubles, trinkets, or jewels.

Usually, the player doesn't need to find every single artefact. Nevertheless, they are some completionists who feel obligated to snatch up every item they come across. We all have felt that compulsion at some point. Even though you only need 70 Power Stars to win Super Mario 64, nearly every person who has played it tried to locate all 120.

Now, stuffing a game with obtainables is a nice way to stretch out the gameplay. After the player has beaten the main campaign, they can spend hours exploring the world, seeking out every single coin, gem, or heart.

But it is possible to go too far. Some games don't have hundreds of items to find - they have thousands. You can spend so much time amassing every doodad that it can take longer than playing the actual game! You may have played some of these games on this list but only a chosen few managed to find absolutely everything.

10. GTA V - 404

DK Collectibles

Grand Theft Auto V was praised upon its release, not just for its fluid gameplay, interactivity, and in-depth story, but also for its gargantuan size. The map of Los Santos is an overwhelming 49 square miles, making it seven times times larger than GTA IV's Liberty City.

With so many missions and side quests, GTA V was guaranteed to keep players entertained for quite some time.

But for completionists, it's going to take a lot longer since this Rocksteady sequel contains over 400 collectibles. And you can't just walk around and talk to everyone to find them all. You need to drive, fly, cycle, and swim through every place imaginable to find all the spaceship parts, letter scraps, epsilon tracts, hidden packages, sub parts, photos, monkey mosaics, and nuclear waste barrels (because you never know when nuclear waste will come in handy).

Because of the staggering size of the map, finding everything seems like a Herculean task. There are many people who love GTA V to death and have played it for years and still have never even nearly obtained everything the game has to offer.


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