10 Video Games With The Tightest Timed Sections

One of the many reasons Superman 64 is pure garbage.

Titus Interactive SA

Like stealth, water, and escort missions, timed missions in video games are good or bad depending on how they're implemented.

With the right design they can certainly ratchet up the tension when the game needs it most, but it's also fair to say that time constraints for their own sake tend to leave many players frustrated.

For many, timed missions are nothing more than a lazy way for developers to artificially inflate a level's difficulty without actually doing anything creative or unique. Slap an unreasonable timer on the task at hand and extend the play-time by another half-hour.

And so, we come to these 10 timed missions, which whether ultimately enjoyable or not, absolutely left the majority of players frustrated for a time.

With their brutally strict, even flat-out unfair time windows, players had to practise and practise to get things done in the allotted time.

While in some cases the levels at least weren't mandatory for the main story, in every instance they served as infuriating provocations to players who just wanted to kick back and have some fun...

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