10 Video Games With Totally Unique Combat

10. Absolver

Absolver game

Simply one of the coolest melee-focused Soulslikes every made, Sloclap's Absolver lets you build a "combat deck" of various martial arts moves, on top of a base class defining other movement and offensive/defensive capabilities.

The deck is built from separate individual animations - punches, kicks etc. you can chain in any order - however the really neat thing is that learning these moves comes from having them performed on you from a whole world of other players, as you learn to fight correctly.

Absolver's interconnected world of players constantly exploring, duelling and unlocking moves gives the whole thing an Enter the Dragon or Shang Tsung's island in Mortal Kombat-type feel. With endless options for character builds and some great aesthetics rounding out your fighter's look, this is a stellar take on the Souls genre with combat everyone should try.

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