10 Video Games You Had No Idea Were Sequels

Surprise!! Days Gone is a follow-up to Syphon Filter.

Days Gone Syphon Filter

Sequels are the lifeblood that make the entertainment industry go around - it's as true in video games as it is in movies, because publishers love nothing more than having another go on a tried-and-tested property.

But not all sequels are created equal, or are as eager to wear their franchise status on their sleeve, to the extent that they might not even seem like much of a sequel at all.

You quite understandably looked at these 10 games and likely had no idea that each was in fact a sequel to an existing game, perhaps a game from another franchise of its own.

From games linked tangentially through clever Easter eggs to those explicitly intertwined in the most intimate way, these games all serve as chronological follow-ups to games from years prior.

The revelation is certainly more Earth-shattering in some cases than others, but in each it certainly gives players a moment for pause, to consider how it reconfigures the tapestry of the world these games actually share.

Prepare to have your mind melted as we explain how these games are linked...

10. Control Is A Sequel To Alan Wake

Days Gone Syphon Filter
Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment certainly loves including Easter eggs nodding to their previous games, though in their most recent release Control, they made a fascinatingly direct series of connections to their cult fave action-adventure game Alan Wake.

The most concrete confirmation that Control is a stealth-sequel to Alan Wake can be found by reading a file in the Federal Bureau of Control entitled "The Bright Falls Incident."

Bright Falls is the small Washington town where the events of Alan Wake took place, and the report refers explicitly to events from that game as Altered World Events (AWE), confirming that Control is indeed an in-universe follow-up.

Control's subsequent AWE DLC further suggested the allusions to Alan Wake weren't mere Easter eggs, and Remedy then confirmed that both games were indeed part of a shared world called the Remedy Connected Universe.

As such it's looking increasingly likely that the upcoming Alan Wake II will further bridge the gap between the two franchises, regardless of when it takes place in relation to Control.

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