10 Video Games You Only Like Because Everyone Else Does

Admit it, after 2015's E3 you had to Google "What's Shenmue?" too.

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No matter what kind of media you're into, there'll no doubt be an established body of material that's considered the absolute peak of the respective field. And although they've only been around for a relatively short period of time when compared to the likes of music or cinema, video games are no exception.

Amassing a wealth of examples that have been chosen as the very best of the best, certain video games have been mythologised as untouchable pieces of art - on par with the likes of The Godfather or Citizen Kanes of the film world.

But just because certain titles have been awarded this legendary status, doesn't mean that everyone's going to love them, and yet, there's a curious feeling in the gaming community that you have to like certain releases if you want to be considered a "true gamer".

And, hell, even if you have reservations about some releases, if everyone's saying these titles are great, then they have to be, right?

Well no, and there's no shame in following the pack. Being passionate about something makes you feel great, and nobody wants to be left out of the conversation, but after all these years I think it's time to finally be truthful to ourselves: we only like these games because everyone else does.

10. Metal Gear Solid 4

Gordon Freeman Half Life 2

One of the highest-rated games to ever grace the PS3, Metal Gear Solid 4 acted as the culmination of the Solid Snake saga, bringing back adored characters and stories for one final hurrah.

And while it was amazing to see the finale of this epic series, the game itself was one of the most muddled and inconsistent in the entire franchise. Completely skewing the gameplay-to-cutscene ratio massively in favour of the cinematics, you spent more time watching MGS 4, than actually playing it.

Which would be fine, but the exposition-heavy scenes were difficult to grasp for even the most diehard of fans already heavily invested in the series' lore.

So, while the game received almost perfect scores across the board, this acclaim definitely had more to do with the respect the series had built up until then, and was 100% thanks to the resonance of the story, rather than the gameplay itself.

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