10 Video Games You Play For Hours And STAY A Beginner

9. World Of Horror

Pathologic game
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A horror game's biggest challenge typically revolves around keeping your pants dry rather than complicated mechanics, as the gameplay tends to be rather simple. However, when stepping into this world of horror, you'll have to contend with both.

World of Horror is a 1-bit pixel role-playing game styled after the work of the legendary manga artist Junji Ito and the granddaddy of cosmic terror himself, H.P. Lovecraft. It tasks you with investigating supernatural mysteries before an impending apocalypse, with turn-based combat and complex RPG elements.

You're sure to be overwhelmed when first booting up this game, as it comes with a busy screen full of stats to observe, options for play, and swathes of text. There's a brief tutorial, and then you're thrown headfirst into the game, forcing you to figure things out as you go along.

An average run can last between 20 minutes to an hour and a half, and you'll need to get many in before you get the hang of it fully. However, even after you've just about mastered the mechanics, you'll still feel like a beginner every time you get blindsided by a shock encounter or an unexpected scare. It's a real two-pronged attack!

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