10 Video Games You Should Play (Even Though They Suck)

Simpsons Wrestling is a GOAT... for all the wrong reasons.

Simpsons wrestling

We're all familiar with a film that's so bad, it's good. When you bear witness to abominable special effects, dire writing, and jaw-dropping continuity errors, you can't help finding certain movies unintentionally hilarious.

But this doesn't happen as often in the gaming world. The abhorrent controls for Superman 64 make the game almost unplayable. (You can't even enjoy it ironically!) There are so many loading screens in Sonic '06, you'll be bored out of your mind within minutes. These titles are so hideous, nobody in their right mind should play them, not even out of curiosity.

But on occasion, a gaming studio will churn out a project that's worth a go, despite being undeniably terrible. Even if it has shoddy graphics or crap dialogue, there could be enough material to warrant a playthrough. On the other hand, you might play a platformer or beat 'em up with so many hilarious bugs and glitches, it provides more entertainment than the gameplay itself.

Are any of these games great? No.

Do these titles at least qualify as average? Not really.

Should you play them anyway? Absolutely.

10. Darkened Skye

Simpsons wrestling
Boston Animation

Some games don't hide the fact they exist solely to sell a product. Cool Spot promoted 7Up. King Games obviously wants you to dine at Burger King. And there are some who suspect PepsiMan was made to sell some sort of soft drink.

But there are few video games which promoted their product worse than Darkened Skye. In this medieval fantasy, you play as a sorceress, who must destroy Lord Necroth to bring peace to the land and reunite with her mother.

Based on that premise, you wouldn't think Darkened Skye came to be to promote Skittles. Seriously, you would never consider this since it's NEVER mentioned in the advertisements! Based on the cover art or the trailer, you'd assume Darkened Skye was a Dungeons & Dragons clone, not a candy commercial.

Even though Darkened Skye was criticised for its forced humour and mundane gameplay, it's worth playing, just to see how jarring the product placement is. Imagine if you had to keep replenishing your health in Elden Ring with Twix bars. Imagine if Skyrim's final boss was The Milky Bar Kid. That's how hilarious it is to watch the characters of Darkened Skye talk about Skittles with a straight face.


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