10 Video Games You Should Play On Easy

Because harder doesn't always mean better.

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If there's one thing certain in this world, it's that people are always going to disagree over whether a video game is hard or not. It's a debate as old as the industry itself, with no franchise or series exempt from the discussion.

Some fans believe that the harder the video game better. The challenge of overcoming a level or boss through grinding away and learning the ins, outs and mechanics enough to turn them against the game is certainly something to take pride in, but it skips over how soul-draining such an experience can actually be at times.

For other gamers, progressing through the game itself is actually pretty instrumental in deciding how much they're able to enjoy themselves. Having that helping hand through a daunting level or fight can be the difference between ploughing through the remainder of the game and having a good time, or rage quitting off and letting an otherwise great game slip through the cracks.

Here are ten great games that, for one reason or another, give players plenty of reason to think that the easy way might indeed be the best way forward.

10. Spider-Man 2 (PS2)

uncharted 4 rafe boss battle final

Before Insomniac Games decided that they wanted to make one of the world's best superhero games, the best Spider-Man fans had to play was 2004's Spider-Man 2. Once again developed by Treyarch and published by Activision, it was the second game released in mirroring with what would become Sam Raimi's original trilogy and largely follows the events of the Spider-Man 2 movie.

The game received widespread acclaim at the time for its vast open world, but returning to it these days will almost certainly lead most players to flicking the difficulty down from time to time.

For starters, the game suffers from basic mechanical problems that most gamers haven't experienced in years, such as dodgy camera angles and some seriously nasty item placements. These are present in every mode of the game, meaning there's nothing to be gained for a player by thinking that they are mastering anything by playing the game on its hard mode. Web swinging, which is what this game built its legacy on, doesn't change at all from the difficulty settings either.

There are also a collection of some notoriously difficult boss fights such as Doctor Octopus and Mysterio to contend with, both of which can reach some seriously unfair difficulty levels without adding anything new to the plot or dishing out any unique achievements.

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