10 Video Games You Shouldn't Have Played At Launch

9. Cyberpunk 2077

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CD Projekt RED

This list is in no particular order but it seems prudent to get the most obvious and foulest stench out of the way early. Cyberpunk 2077, despite some very strong competition, is almost certainly the most infamously bad launch of all time.

What makes the entire situation even worse was the game’s development time. Gamers were so familiar with the yellow social media calling card that CD Projekt used to announce yet another delay for Cyberpunk that it became a popular prank to make your own.

And yet, the final product still managed to be delivered as totally unfinished.

Those players who could afford high-end PCs were off to the races but consoles were a whole other story. To say that the Xbox One and PS4 versions were a dumpster fire is putting it lightly; frame rate drops, texture pop-in, T-posing NPcs and all manner of nonsense.

On release, the internet flooded with clips of graphical and collision glitches and the story found itself into the mainstream news. Microsoft and Sony had to step in to offer refunds and warn new purchasers of the game’s performance issues.

In the two years since Cyberpunk became the punching bag of gaming, it’s gotten a lot better to be sure but it will never, ever shake its reputation as one of the biggest missteps in entertainment history.


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