10 Video Games You Were Ready To Hate

Who asked for the Saints Row reboot?

Saints Row

No one truly likes hating on a video game, no matter how much certain internet comments sections might attempt to convince you otherwise.

In an ideal world, every new game perfected through hours of developers' hard work would arrive onto the scene as a complete and satisfying experience ready for fans everywhere to enjoy.

Alas, we all know that’s not the case. Some games’ downfall even begins long before its actual release, with a marketing cycle bogged down by unmet expectations, unwanted features, and the scorn of players long-since burned before.

When this does happen, sometimes the best we can do is band together as a community and share our sorrow over what we instinctively know to be a coming disappointment - or, alternatively, merge into a ball of fiery hatred with the strength of a thousand suns and descend upon Twitter.

Get your pitchforks out, gamers. These titles certainly made you mad.

10. Umbrella Corps.

Saints Row

The year is 2016. Resident Evil’s most recent 6th main instalment has just irritated critics and fans the world over thanks to a departure from the series’ survival horror mechanics and transformation into bloated, boulder-punching shooter. Capcom needs a win. What do they bank on?

Umbrella Corps.

Reception to the game was poor from the very first trailer, seen as a Call Of Duty look alike that constituted Resident Evil solely in its reuse of some of the series’ iconic locations.

A generic tactical shooter was not what anyone wanted, especially considering the similarities to fellow third-person shooter spin-off Resident Evil: Operation Racoon City, which also received mixed to bad reviews a mere four years earlier.

Fans wanted Resident Evil, and Resident Evil this was not. Though some reviewers did find some fun in the game’s combat post-release, the hate train was far too established by that point for it to see any real success.

We can only thank our lucky S.T.A.R.S that the series returned to form with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard a year later. Phew.

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