10 Video Games You’ll Never 100%

10. Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV needs little introduction; it€™s Rockstar€™s flagship title, and even the single player campaign alone represents a decent chunk of your time. But start factoring in the activities it€™s possible to get involved with, the sidequests and races, and you€™re already probably doubling the length of your experience. Why You€™ll Never 100% It: If you€™re interested in attaining every achievement, you€™ll not only need The Key to the City achievement/trophy (for 100% Game Completion) you€™ll also need to spend weeks online winning races, deathmatches and generally building towards the infamous €˜Auf Wiedersein Petrovic€™ achievement/trophy €“ awarded for winning all ranked multiplayer variations, all races and €œCops and Crooks€, as both sides. Is the reward worth the immense effort? Probably not, but if you€™ve fully clocked this one, you have my respect forever.

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