10 Videogame Characters Who Were Strangely Allergic To Water

10. Frogger €“ Frogger


Frogger is an example of extremely simple game design. Simply put, you€™re a frog who has to get from point A to point B, and doing that becomes exponentially harder as time goes on. Usually, you€™ll find a road populated with manic drivers represents the greatest threat to your ambition. This seems reasonable €“ if a frog gets hit by a car, you€™re going to need a shovel to peel him off the road. Yet it€™s when the game begins to include rivers that things get nutty. Usually, after you€™ve finished dodging cars on a road, you€™re made to run a gauntlet of floating logs to reach the Promised Land. You can understand why the game designers included this change of scenery €“ variety is the spice of life, and we€™d probably get bored if all we were doing was dodging cars. But choosing water as a dangerous obstacle just seemed silly, given the circumstances. What are those circumstances? You€™re controlling a frog, you damned fool! Frogs swim like professionals and actually lay their eggs in water. They love water. One might even say they can€™t get enough of it. Yet we in videogame land are unlucky enough to possess the only frog who can€™t carry out of his birthright of graceful, glorious aquatic locomotion. Sure enough, if you miss your log he will fall straight into the drink and drown in a display of helpless buffoonery. Bloody hell, at least make an effort at something you were technically born to do.

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