10 Videogame Characters Who Were Strangely Allergic To Water

9. Simon Belmont €“ Castlevania II: Simon€™s Quest

Simon Simon Belmont has an Achilles heel, and it€™s a particularly awful one. The most feared vampire hunter in the world is allergic to water, and it's a trait which becomes increasingly unhelpful when traversing Transylvania€™s water-friendly streets. It€™s one hell of a weakness for a man who has killed Dracula twice, the sort of thing that would make you consider packing it in and become a BDSM specialist or something. Clearly, the bloke knows his way around a whip and has a neat sideline in outlandish clothes. The grot shops of Soho would love him. As it is, he ploughs on regardless, knowing that certain doom might await him around the corner and that doom is spelt H2O. Really, I€™m actually quite proud of the man for facing his fears. But taking all this away, why is Simon so ridiculously awful around water? He seems a pretty clued up bloke, well-versed in vampire mythology and capable of planning ahead. After all, you don€™t just bring your whip down the shops, you bring it to hunt vampires. And apparently in the world of Castlevania, wherever vampires are, water is bound to be too. I understand that they didn€™t have Google Streetview back in Simon€™s time, but surely just asking someone if there€™s going to be a lot of water €“ something which obviously scares you €“ might be a good idea. Then you can learn to swim, and save yourself a whole lot of unforgiving, hair-trigger platforming. Seems an easy decision.

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