10 Videogame Holiday Destinations You Should Avoid

There’s a strong chance of death at these destinations so we ask you, why even take the risk?

So, you€™re after a bit of late summer sun are you? That€™s great. The kids have gone back to school, flights will be cheaper and the resorts will be quieter. Sounds like you€™ve got this holiday thing sussed. Allow us here at WhatCulture however to go all €˜travel agent€™ for a moment as we point you in the right direction for your perfect autumnal get-away. We€™ve made a comprehensive, well-argued list of ten holiday destinations you should most definitely not visit. There€™s a strong chance of death at any one of them so we ask you, why even take the risk? You€™re welcome.

10. The Central African Country - Far Cry 2

There€™s no denying that this land-locked central African nation is mightily picturesque. It boasts huge sweeping savannas, lush green jungles, rolling deserts and plenty of wildlife to photograph. Despite its beauty however, we wouldn€™t recommend it for a safari adventure holiday. There€™s a strong chance you€™ll contract malaria as soon as you rock up, and because medication is scarce - only available from priests it seems - be prepared to collapse at the most inconvenient of times. Don€™t bother using public transport either €“ the buses aren€™t what you€™d call timely. Your only option if you want to explore is to hire yourself a car, but be sure to request a jeep with a roof-mounted machine gun at the Hertz Rental desk because any journey you make will likely be interrupted by trigger-happy militiamen firing rusty AK47€™s at you for no reason. Or they€™ll play a game of chicken with you in their machine gun-mounted jeep. But if this does take your fancy, be sure to have a simple understanding of car engines because the RAC aren€™t going to be helping you. And if you know basic field first aid and can remove bullets lodged in your body with a knife, then that€™s a bonus too. Oh, and the biggest reason to not visit this place, THERE€™S A BLOODY, ENDLESS CIVIL WAR HAPPENING!
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