10 Villains Marvel's Avengers Needs To Add!

We're going to need more villains to fight than just Taskmaster and Abomination...

Doctor Doom Avengers

Any great piece of superhero media relies heavily on the opposing force facing off against the heroes of the story. Marvel's Avengers is no exception to this, and while it was great that we finally got to see M.O.D.O.K outside of the comics as a primary antagonist, Marvel's Avengers use of villains was really quite disappointing. You actually got to face off against all the supervillains in the beta...

With many fans voicing disappointment in the lack of supervillains in the game, adding additional villains alongside the new heroes could be a good way for the developers to hopefully change people's opinion on the game.

Despite being out for almost a month now, many issues present in the beta are still causing problems for players, and it really detracts from the overall experience.

With a long list of superheroes planned to be added to the game as post-launch content, many are wondering what villains could also make an appearance alongside these heroes. With over 15 different heroes leaked so far, we can start to make some safe guesses at what villains could appear.

Spoilers for the main game's story ahead!

10. Batroc The Leaper

Doctor Doom Avengers
Marvel Comics

At first this may seem like a really odd choice for Crystal Dynamics to add to the game. Batroc the Leaper is arguably a C tier, possibly even a D tier villain. But that's just one reason why they should add him. It's not like he can't be utilised well, seeing as he did appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in The Winter Soldier and is set to return for Falcon and The Winter Soldier.

Furthermore, his power-set would lend itself quite well to the combat in Marvel's Avengers. His signature leaping capabilities would make him a hard foe to pin down, as he could keep dodging your moves. You can even implement a chase sequence with him.

Batroc is also a trained martial artist and mercenary, so it's not like he couldn't give The Avengers a run for their money.

The foe could be added with anyone really, seeing as he isn't directly tied to any particular hero. It's a chance for Crystal Dynamics to reinvent the character and try make him less of a laughing stock among fans.


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