10 Ways Activision Should Make Call Of Duty 2018

Where can COD go from here?


After a successful launch that brought the Call of Duty franchise back from the lull it suffered with 2016's Infinite Warfare, Activision and Sledgehammer Games' stellar WW2 has left the iconic series at a bit of a crossroads.

Spending three games letting players explore the imaginative futuristic battlefields the developers had conjured up and including new mechanics like double-jumping that completely changed the shooter's style of play, the franchise has finally dropped all that fluff in favour of returning to its roots.

With the return to WW2 being so successful though, Call of Duty 2018, almost certainly deep in development with the guys and girls at Treyarch, has a lot of tough decisions to make.

Fans clearly love the back-to-basics approach of the latest release and, if the sales decline of previous games in the franchise are anything to go on, are tired of sci-fi-themed instalments.

There's no doubt that the developers will want to strike while the iron's hot and capitalise on the goodwill Activision has earned with WW2, but Treyarch need to consider these ideas going forward if they want to continue this winning streak.


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