10 Ways Assassin's Creed Origins Has Already Saved The Franchise

An Exercise In Licking Your Wounds, by Ubisoft.

Assassins Creed Origins

Despite Assassin's Creed Origins being something close to the 25th AC game in 10 years (going outside the main instalments, anyway), it's a testament to Ubisoft's continued drive that it looks even remotely interesting.

Many fans - myself included - certainly had our fill of annual Assassin's Creeds across the last few years, and we all remember just how point n' laugh'ably bad AC: Unity was in 2014, or how AC: Syndicate felt like nothing more than damage control.

Indeed, whilst the series started out with some mighty interesting narrative hooks (Just how much did the Templar/Assassin war of ideologies affect history as we know it? Where were the assassins in the modern day? Where were Ubisoft taking the 'Desmond is the key to saving the world' narrative?) ultimately it was all for naught.

Instead, as Creative Director and ultimate visionary for the franchise, Patrice Desilets, left following AC: Brotherhood, the remaining studios pushed forward with the only aspect of the series that didn't require a grand plan: Executing massive, historically-framed play-spaces with little to know overarching purpose.

Now that 'era' of Assassin's Creed is over, Ubisoft have taken two years off to ostensibly reboot the franchise, with the results being - surprisingly - more positive than you might think...

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