10 Ways Destiny Can Improve Right Now

It was disappointing, rather than bad, but how can Bungie claw back some players?

To say Destiny received a lukewarm reaction would be putting it mildly. The hype for Bungie's newest space shooter was incredible but on arrival, many were left disappointed by the distinct lack of content, the non-existent storyline and an experience that frankly didn't really live up to it's 'next-gen' tag. But harsh criticisms aside, Destiny is a great game. Yes, it is hampered by some issues but very few of them inhibit the game too much: most of the disappointment players found in Destiny was simply down to a lack of unfulfilled potential. And as a result, the good news is that as Bungie continue to update and make amends to the game, it's sure to improve. Many of the community demanded improvements will take time though, possibly needing new expansions to be fully implemented, and that isn't going to sit well with the players. So, what can Bungie do right now to improve Destiny? How can they make the game more fun to those still playing on a daily basis without the need for lengthy development? There's a bunch of easy, short updates Bungie can make, which would all improve the game drastically: the updates and features found in this article would help keep players playing for longer while also potentially bringing those who may have given up back. And that can only be good news for Bungie...

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