10 Ways FIFA Has Gotten WORSE With Every Year

EA Sport's biggest title, FIFA, is getting worse with each new version and it has been for years.


FIFA 20 was released last September and immediately came under criticism from fans of the series.

This has hardly been unusual of late; over the last few years, EA Sports have faced a backlash with each new version of the game that has been released.

For the last decade, FIFA has dominated the football gaming market with its only challenger Pro Evolution Soccer struggling.

The series continues to have huge profits and it does not look to be slowing down. However, growing discontent from fans has led to the feeling that FIFA is heading backwards in nearly all aspects of the game.

The gameplay has not been enjoyable and the majority of new content is focused purely for Ultimate Team.

Since around 2015, when FIFA was at its peak, there have been little improvements aside from the graphics being slightly tinkered on each version.

Here are ten reasons why FIFA is getting worse year on year.


10. Defending

EA Sports

One of the biggest problems sports games have converting from real life to the virtual pitch is the defending side of play.

People want to score goals, be able to do different tricks with the ball and have different ways to beat a man. However, defending is just as important as attacking and EA Sports have never quite been able to get it right.

FIFA is known for its high scoring matches, but this year goals have been hard to come by. Before the latest game was released, defending had stayed the same from version to version for a number of years. FIFA 20 saw the removal of a second man press which previously had been overpowered. However, the option for players to drop back their entire team was introduced. As soon as it was found to be super effective, everyone was using it, making for dull and boring matches.

Out of the areas of gameplay defending was probably already the weakest in FIFA and somehow it continues to get worse.

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