10 Ways Nintendo Dropped The Ball At E3 2018

35 MINUTES of Smash Bros completely sidelined Samus.


Even before we hit E3 2018, Nintendo Direct videos have meant that lots of smaller announcements were made beforehand. To that end, Nintendo made it clear their E3 would focus on Smash Bros., yet it was at the expense of other games.

Year-on-year, Nintendo keep shows simple, choosing to focus on one big system seller at a time. It started with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and continued with Super Mario Odyssey.

But has it really made sense this year?

For longtime fans who have been left slightly cold with Brawl and Wii U iterations of Smash, it was great. Super Smash Bros Ultimate was welcomed with open arms, but the level of detail shown over small changes to assist trophies, character animations and movesets got tedious pretty quickly.

With great titles like Yoshi missing in action and no mention of the 3DS's future at all, Nintendo's E3 showing left some fans feeling cold.

And that's not all. Fan demand for Animal Crossing on Switch is as strong as ever, and the trailer that was expected for Metroid Prime 4 didn't arrive.


Did Nintendo drop the ball?


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