10 Weapon Upgrades That BROKE Video Games

10. Zenith Sword - Terraria

Terraria zenith sword

The Zenith Sword may be commonly accepted as just about the best weapon you can wield in Terraria but it comes from humble beginnings as it's essentially an upgraded version of the Copper Shortsword, the crappiest weapon you can wield in Terraria. The unbelievable stopping power of this weapon riddles the screen with sprites of the sword which all deal the weapon's full damage. You only need to see this thing in action to get a great idea of just how lethal it is.

Of course, such a killer weapon comes at a hefty price which, in this case, is the combination of ten other inferior swords, including your unimpressive Copper Shortsword.

The Zenith ignores enemy invincibility frames, and each individual sword expelled from your attacks can hit enemies multiple times. It also magnetises to enemies so there’s really no escaping it. It might take you the entire game to craft this thing but it’s absolutely worth it when you do.

Nothing is getting past this thing and its 190 base melee damage so enjoy breaking the game, you earned it.

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