10 Weirdest Alternate Costumes In Video Games

If you're gonna dress up, dress up as Star Fox.

bayonetta star fox

Seeming like a product of a bygone era now, alternate costumes were the epitome of New Game+ unlockables in years gone by. A different skin for your player model, a fancier hat, a quirky costume or set of accessories - it was enough to make you drift into a state of pure completionist bliss after already feeling the sensation of finishing the game.

You can still unlock the odd costume from a few games these days, but there is most certainly an increase in alternate attires that wait for you beyond a paywall.

Regardless of payment, there's a wide array of extremely strange costumes in video games; out of place thematically, contrasting to the tone of the game or, well, just plain odd.

So here are ten of the strangest unlockable costumes in video games. There's a lot out there, so don't hesitate to comment on what has been missed.

10. 1960s Batman - Batman: Arkham Knight

bayonetta star fox

Maybe not totally unexpected, but certainly gives off a hilarious vibe given the tone of the Arkham games. Super dark and serious fights with the Arkham Knight, Firefly and Manbat whilst dressed as the man who also plays a delusional, mayoral nutter in a cartoon.

Once equipped with the outfit, it must be normal to think that everybody was whispering "Adammm Weeeest" under their breath as they flew across buildings.

Come to think of it, it's quite an unfaithful adaption of the outfit... Adam West was not that built. He wasn't built whatsoever.


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