10 Weirdest Excuses For Video Game Bosses

Picking noses and flushing mountains of poo.

Conker's Bad Fur Day great mighty poo

Most games will put your skills to the test by forcing you into an arduous battle against one big, tough sucker.

Most, but not all. Developers love to catch out players with some wild cards, often bigging them up as “a mighty warrior” or the like.

Only for you to realize that it’s, for instance, a twenty-foot tall sumo with explosive farts and the ability to poison the entire room with a deadly concoction of bum-gases.

Thing is, some of these just so happen to juxtapose the serious and the silly, or try so hard at being one that it comes across as unnatural and over-the-top.

Some of the attack patterns get even stranger than that, bouncing beyond the boundaries of good taste and decency. Those with weak dispositions or thin-skin should probably think twice before advancing through this WhatCulture list.

Gamers may never get the chance to understand what is going on in the minds of the developers. Disappointing, because this list is comprised of ten of the weirdest excuses for boss battles in gaming history that will make you laugh, wince, and puzzle you outright.

Prepare yourselves for the mad, the bad, and the downright hilarious. If there are any that deserve an honourable mention on this list, share them in the comment section below.

10. The Leader - The Incredible Hulk (Sega Mega Drive)

What else is there to expect from a game based on the Hulk, aside from copious amounts of wanton destruction and foolish enemies attempting to stop the big green menace alone?

Well, an actual boss battle to round off all the carnage would’ve been nice.

Smashing and bashing his way through streets, tech bases, and a strange new world unlike any other, The Hulk comes across armies of henchmen and monsters.

While their attacks are about as effective as firing staples at a bodybuilder, the anti-hero finds himself stumbling into many deadly traps and ambushes, narrowly avoiding a nasty demise.

Eventually, it turns out that an evil leader - known, creatively, as The Leader - was the one deploying these traps as part of his new plan to take over the world. He's a dangerous adversary, stricken with gamma radiation. Simply put, he is a very smart, and thus dangerous, dude.

So, what does he do when his nemesis finds himself standing face-to-face with him?

Why, stand still and scoff without putting up a fight. You can just walk up to him, uppercut him down a pit, and finish the game.

Did you think this super-intelligent super-villain actually had something to summon or fight with, should all his defenses fall? Talk about an anti-climax.


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