10 Weirdest Fighters In Fighting Video Games

You know what this fighting game needs? A car.


When a gamer asks what your favourite fighting game is, do you choose Mortal Kombat for is gruesome content? Perhaps you're partial to combo-centric nuttiness like Tekken, or crossover fighters like Smash Bros.? Or does realism in a fighter amp things up instead?

Whether realistic or comical, fighting games have offered an eclectic mix of playable characters to pick from. A very difficult choice, indeed...

That is, until you stumble across the oddball pugilists that will make you scratch your head and wonder just how the hell they got in your game.

Be they unusual celebrity cameos to purely dopey and silly additions, countless entries in the genre have astonished players countless times. Why they appeared there could be a variety of reasons, such as for the sake or satire and teasing, or simply because the creators were twisted geniuses.

Don your knuckle dusters and boxing gloves, for this list is ready to K.O you with ten weird inclusions in fighting games' rosters. Insert any honorary mentions of your own in the comments section below!


Jake "The Voice" Parr - voice actor, mastermind of The Cyber Den on Siren FM, game reviewer, and classy chap.