10 Weirdest Playable Video Game Characters Ever

8. A Mosquito - Mr. Mosquito/Mr Moskeeto

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Mr Mosquito is a mosquito, and not, as I thought, a small Spanish mosque. If you could infer that from the name, well done, Moriarty, your powers of deduction have bested my own.

The aim of the game, naturally, is to sate the little guy’s blood lust whilst trapped in a family home. Not satisfied with just transferring malaria to one member of the family, though, Mr Mosquito needs to proboscis-icate the whole family in order to fulfil his bloody needs.

Looking like a Power Rangers baddie and flying like the plane from Grand Theft Auto 3, our hero has to observe the family’s set routines throughout the day and wait for one to expose some skin, whereupon he must land, stab, and gorge.

If he gets too greedy, the human will notice, and crush his tiny exoskeleton, spraying the newly-acquired blood everywhere (I might be dramatising a little bit here, but they do get pretty violent towards the wee man).

This game was unique for its time, having both a set day routine for each character you could observe, as well as the rather fab ability to bite a lady’s naked booby in the bath.

Truly ahead of its time.


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