10 Weirdest Things People Have Done With Football Manager

10. Got Relegated On Purpose

The goal of Football Manager is fairly simple, as it is with any real-life coach: utter supremacy. To make your team the best in the land, win the most trophies, be completely undefeatable. After you've done that, however, what do you do? Most simply switch the game off, considering it "complete". Others can't shake their addiction, and find new, bizarre ways to play. Gamers coming up with crazy new ways to play titles, shirking the premise and mechanics intended by the developers, is nothing new, as anybody who has loaded up a GTA game and tried their best to drive like a normal person and not murder anybody will know. It's particularly novel when you consider this approach is utterly against the point of Football Manager in the first place. One popular, non-traditional way of playing FM is to start off as a Premier League boss, and then see how quickly you can get relegated all the way to non-league status €“ whilst still clinging onto your job. As if the regular way of playing doesn't require enough grit, tactical mishandling and desperately trying not to get fired, this adds another layer of simulated stress.

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