10 Weirdest Video Game Ports You Won't Believe

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Most of the time, you can't go wrong with porting a game to a different system. Not everyone can afford more than one game console, so it just makes sense to make your game for as many consoles as possible to increase revenue. It costs your company basically nothing, so it's nothing but upsides.

But even then, there's a line that you don't cross.

Porting a game to a different console is one thing, but you should make sure that A. people have actually bought the console to any considerable degree, B. the console can handle what the game asks of it, and C. that it makes any logical sense in any form of reality.

Some game companies think they can get away with ignoring one or more of these important rules. And what results are game ports that are just - well - flat out god damn weird. These are those ports' stories. These ten video game ports make absolutely no sense whatsoever, and even when decent, have basically no reason to exist.

10. Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Nintendo DS)

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is still regarded as the absolute best of the franchise, even after over a decade since it came out. And playing it, even today, it's easy to see why. The controls are tight and responsive, the graphics still look impressive, and move like water through a stream, and the story was shockingly good for a Call Of Duty game.

None of which made it into the Nintendo DS port of the game. Oh, you didn't know that that happened? Get used to that feeling, it's gonna happen a lot in this list.

What was the most advanced game on the entire market became a watered down mess of a port, so it's no wonder that this game barely got any attention compared to its more advanced console counterpart. Shooting is awkward, the story is intelligible, the game looks absolutely horrendous, and in general, it just isn't a fun time at all.

You could argue that it's the best you can expect from the Nintendo DS, to which I'd chastise you for insulting a device that could get the job done when put in the right hands. But these were about as wrong hands as you could get.

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