10 Most Widely Celebrated PS3 Games

Feature Cover Ah, Mr PS3. The sleeker, shinier, sexier upgrade of its two predecessors. When he first arrived under my Christmas tree in December '07, I made a solemn promise in front of my immediate family, my cousins, and my sister's random friend who had inexplicably been allowed to join us on Christmas Day, that I would look after him through thick and thin. That meant cleaning him when he was dusty, turning him off using the proper procedure, and perhaps most importantly of all, not throwing him to the ground in frustration because I lost one FIFA game to some cheating m****r f****r from California. "This promise" I said, "will be ruthlessly abided by, as God is my witness - no harm shall come to Mr PS3". But that was 6 years ago, and everyone knows a promise only lasts for as long as you can be bothered to keep it. Besides, he's become less entrancing in his old age (slower, won't shut up, etc), and so the time has come again for every Sony fan to load up the shotgun, take poor, haggard, arthritis-ridden Mr PS3 out back, and shoot him squarely between the eyes. It'll hurt you more then it'll hurt him (so long as your shotgun's above a 12-gauge), but as you leave his totalled remains for someone who cares about tidiness to clear up, think of this: You may go back into your house, collapse into your La-Z-Boy E-Cliner 3000, order over your Entertainment Fund Provider (or as many now refer to them, 'Mother'), and speak thusly, "The Playstation 4 is released on November 29th, you will purchase it, you will bring it to me, and in return I will contemplate signing a card for you on Entertainment Fund Providers Day." So, now we have a game plan for the next few years, we can look back and reminisce of the better times we've had with our favourite 7th generation console - and more importantly, the games it has allowed us to immerse ourselves in. This list will explore the most celebrated games since the PS3's worldwide inception in 2006, and allow our memory spectacles to become all rose-tinted for the next 10 pages. Of course, the majority of these games will have been released on the X-Box 360 as well, but the heading of this article remains for the few titles that are Sony-exclusive. I you agree/disagree, like/dislike the list, or just want to berate me for typing in such an overwhelmingly sarcastic tone, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page ...

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