10 Worst Ever Downgrades In Video Game History

Sometimes a game goes downhill quickly!

Mortal Kombat 1 Switch
Saber Interactive

Sketchy NPCs, unreliable narrators, Peter Molyneux - it's safe to say there are plenty of things gamers should not trust. However, while infamous devs and tricky in-game tropes often come with built-in deception, there's another beast you must be skeptical of, and that's pre-release footage.

Many video game companies have fallen into the trap of showing off a game before it's fully baked. This often leads to frustration as players think they will get something special, only to find that they're getting the downgraded version.

It's great when devs are ambitious, but that doesn't make it fair to lure gamers in with promises of candy only to give them raisins. Sadly, that is exactly what it feels like when a game goes from looking incredible to decent at best and unplayable at worst.

This list will explore the most infamous examples of a video game downgrading from one point to another. Some had disingenuous advertisements, whereas others took something impressive and made it worse. Either way, these games made you think, "oh, I thought this was going to be way better."

10. The Outer Worlds (Switch Port)

Mortal Kombat 1 Switch

Okay, it's time to talk about the Nintendo Switch.

No one will deny that this wonderful console is a boatload of fun. Hell, it has produced some of the most enjoyable games of the past decade. That said, it leaves a lot to be desired when talking tech.

The console's lacklustre processing power has been a long point of contention as Nintendo's premier console struggles to run its own games consistently. This becomes even worse once you port third-party games in, and The Outer Worlds learned that lesson the hard way.

Obsidian's charming-as-hell sci-fi RPG is a bonafide delight with great characters, thrilling gameplay, and strong visuals. Sadly, those who played it on the Switch had an entirely different experience.

The port is a disaster full of lengthy loading times, poorly optimized visuals, slow-spawning textures, a chugging frame rate in firefights, and more. It's a massive downgrade from the game's PlayStation, Xbox, and PC versions that not even Parvati could fix.


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