10 Worst Fatalities In Mortal Kombat History

FINISH HIM! Oh... that's it?

mortal kombat finish him

Mortal Kombat's 25-year history is built on blood and bones. Gore has been the main focus of MK's appeal ever since its inception back in 1992, courting mainstream controversy with each release as bloodthirsty fans clamouring for increasingly unique and gruesome ways to dispatch their foes. Equally tricky to pull off as they were visually shocking, the ability to burn your opponent down to their skeleton while a malevolent voice congratulated you was what made MK a must-buy, and try as the game developers might, the mechanics of a Mortal Kombat game have always come second to these jaw-dropping fatalities.

Children growing up in arcades would have their favourites down pat, and could probably perform them in their sleep. Down, Forward, Back, Back, High Kick... you know how it goes.

But with greatness must also come disappointment and a weak fatality burned double for fans as they were occasionally awkward to pull off, so when that was all for naught... ouch. Of course fatalities have become unsettling complex and well-animated in recent years as rendering tech advanced, so although an objective worst 10 could end up focusing on the first two games, instead this list will break down some of the worst from each of the ten instalments, each contributing their worst offender.

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