10 Worst FPS Campaigns Of All Time

You're actively worse off spending time with these "stories".

Duke Nukem Forever
3D Realms

The FPS genre has come a long way since its beginnings in the nineties. With progenitors like Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, it has since gone on to become one of the most popular avenues for the modern gaming community.

First-person-shooters embody the most overt kind of power fantasy; often times you're given a powerful gun and regenerative health and set out to blast all your foes to pieces. Modern renditions of classic franchises have signalled a return to this style of campaign as opposed to the modern military style of the seventh gen.

With that said, many an FPS campaign has been a right stinker. Often this results from chasing the most popular trends or being too lazy when it comes to crafting wider innovation.

Because the genre is so saturated, many developers figured they could get away with the bare minimum.

Once touted as the main feature of a first-person-shooter, campaign modes have changed massively over the last couple of decades. The weakest members of this pantheon fall victim to poor level designs, dumb enemy intelligence and uninspired objectives.

So, which of these story modes are the worst?

10. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

Duke Nukem Forever

Starting off, we have the tenth entry in a wildly popular franchise. Call of Duty: Ghosts remains the most widely hated entry in the long-running series and this comes down to its universal lack of innovation.

The game was already shaping up to be a real letdown upon its reveal at the Xbox One event. With the developers focusing on trivial features like fish AI and a SEAL team service dog, you knew the developers had very little to offer. When Call of Duty: Ghosts arrived in November 2013, it successfully met those low expectations.

Taking place in the near future, we follow the brothers Hesh and Logan as they fight to defend a devastated United States. The two soon join the Ghosts to take the cartoonish villain Rourke and the same shallow power fantasy ensues.

It's by far the worst campaign in the series with its ridiculous story and samey scenarios. Mechanically, Call of Duty: Ghosts still plays and runs well enough, but at this point, gamers were sick and tired of its refusal to improve.

The disappointment was only amplified by the onset of the eighth generation of game consoles; the expectation to take advantage of more powerful hardware rang hollow from the outset.


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