10 Worst-Kept Spoilers In Video Game History

Even if you didn't want to know them, you probably already do.

Final Fantasy 7
Square Enix

When is it okay to spoil something? A week after release? Two? A month? Twenty years?

Seemingly it's whenever the internet deems fit. With spoiler culture being mangled with mainstream pop culture wherever you look (thanks to juggernauts like Marvel and Game of Thrones), the level of plot concealment across the gaming industry is a pretty admirable achievement.

Perhaps it's down to games being slightly less accessible than an episode of TV that 20 million people streamed at the exact same time, but video games and their players tend to have a much higher level of decency when it comes to protecting spoilers for the enjoyment of each individual player.

However, there are some game spoilers so huge and well cemented in gaming history that they've effectively worked their way into the pop culture pool of common knowledge. Oftentimes it happens outside of pop culture, if certain references can be thrown around enough.

Whether you're into games or not, chances are you've heard of at least some of these enormous immersion-breaking spoilers.

10. Bioshock - “Would You Kindly?”

Final Fantasy 7
2K Games

You may not know the full story behind this iconic phrase from the beloved game franchise, but just by nature of it being so iconic, you’ll be sure to know that not everything is as it seems on the other end of that radio every time you hear these words.

“Would you kindly” is actually a trigger for protagonist Jack to follow orders, as he has been programmed to obey every time he is kindly asked by someone to do something that follows that phrase.

Atlas – your guide on the other end of the radio – is actually Frank Fontaine, one of the game’s antagonists. Fontaine took the persona of Atlas after faking his own death, essentially using Jack as a pawn to take control of Rapture.

Perhaps one of the most famous lines in video game history, it’s hard to talk about Bioshock without someone throwing a “would you kindly” into the mix.


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