10 Worst Mass-Market Video Game Controllers Of All Time

4. The Duke - Xbox

Xbox duke controller

Despite the Xbox 360 being a generation-dominating behemoth of perfect technical specs and immaculate software, it took Microsoft half of their previous console generation before half of the populace could even pick up a pad.

Case in point: The original Xbox controller, nicknamed 'The Duke' due to its mammoth size. Clearly part of some sort of "Let's target older gamers" marketing push, Microsoft seemed to forget the part where that doesn't always mean said 'adults' will have hands the size of shovels.

Needless to say, many consumers literally couldn't get to grips with the thing, resulting in Microsoft releasing the Xbox Controller S; a far more considered, logical step forward for the remainder of the Xbox, which also carried onto the 360 and Xbox One's designs.

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