10 Worst Middle-Stage Pokémon

It's not a phase, mom.


One of the main elements of every Pokémon game is the idea of evolution. It's pretty simple, really - catch a Pokémon, make it stronger, and it will eventually evolve into something more useful in battle. Because evolution has been a staple of the franchise since its inception over two decades ago, most Pokémon fans recognize that the form between the starting and final forms tends to be... well, awkward.

There are a few notable exceptions, such as Grovyle, Dragonair, Flaaffy, and Luxio, but on the whole, middle-stage evolutions tend to be frumpy, unfinished-looking filler Pokémon that you can't wait to evolve. They're basically the teenagers of the Pokémon world - while not quite as helpless as children and babies are, they still aren't entirely reliant on their own because they're going through this strange, not-fully-realized period of their lives that both of you are excited to see the end of.

Before we get into this list of the worst examples of middle-stage Pokémon, though, just a quick note: this list is reserved for Pokémon who were always meant to be middle-stage, so Pokémon that became middle-stage in a later generation, such as Golbat, Piloswine, or Dusclops, are automatically disqualified (not that I was ever considering any of those three anyway).

Now, with that out of the way, here are the 10 most execrable, disgusting, insulting middle-stage Pokémon of all time.

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