10 Worst Parts Of 5-Star Video Games

DOOM Eternal was a near-perfect sequel that was released at the right time - BUT...

Doom Eternal
id Software

A five-star video game is, to players, the Arc de Triomphe of gaming.

There are so many moving parts that go into creating a game that's both enjoyable and playable that it's tragically more often than not the case that there will be one or two niggling issues preventing a game from reaching its full success - and these tedious tidbits are found in five-star games as much as they are in one-star games.

Even gaming masterpieces, like Elden Ring and Red Dead Redemption II, weren't without their flaws.

FromSoftware's 2022 epic lacked the ability to quit to desktop, a must-have feature that's oddly used scarcely in today's landscape, whereas Rockstar's sequel to 2010's western classic relied too heavily on believability that maintaining your weapon's crisp presentation was as much a mission as the actual missions. People play video games to escape the monotonous chores that lampoon their real lives; they most certainly do not wish to go from washing the ketchup off their plates to having to wash the blood off their guns.

These tiresome aspects are now so common in video games that without them, the comments section and Reddit threads would become extinct. Instead, they just have to be accepted, no matter how much whining is made...

10. Repetitive Fetch Quests - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Doom Eternal
CD Projekt RED

Side quests in video games are intended to be fun, light-hearted ventures to distract the player from the bloodshed and hostility that is ongoing in whichever fictional part of Earth they're located. They usually are fun, oft-containing ludicrous quests that make you question the very integrity of the game-in-question. Why wouldn't you, as either Michael, Franklin, or Trevor, take time away from your crime-oriented lives to help transport a mid-divorce golf enthusiast to the local golf club?

Sometimes, though, video games can exploit these quests.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's side quests aren't especially dull or sluggish like other RPG titles of the era, but they do become repetitive over time, rendering their inclusion a time-consuming monstrosity that may turn you off completing them.

They become particularly repetitive when the player is roughly halfway through the main story, with the player often required to travel some distance away from where they started in order to complete certain quests. Even in doing so, this journey will conclude with the player speaking to an NPC and boom, it's done.

This is simple and doesn't ask for the heavy lifting that may be required in a combat-related quest - but are they worth the hassle or time?


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