10 Worst Plot Points In Otherwise Awesome Games

10. Bioshock - Fontaine Section

Bioshock Big Daddy And Little Sister 600x300 Bioshock is rightly hailed as one of the greatest games of the current generation. The plot is presented as a simple rescue mission set in one of the most beautiful and terrifying game worlds ever created. The thing that made Bioshock so unique was the atmosphere it created. At no point did you ever feel truly safe thanks, in large part, to the fantastic sound design and voice acting. It also had, in Andrew Ryan, one of gaming's most memorable and three dimensional antagonists. So you can imagine my disappointment when I finally killed him. This guy has been taunting me all the way through with his philosophical ramblings about men and slaves to the point where I really wanted to bash his head in with a golf club. And I get the chance to. Well...almost. I get the chance to watch as a cutscene shows me bashing his head in with a golf club. In a game which played heavily with its ideas about morality and choice, it was disappointing to have this choice taken away from me. But this is not where the true disappointment lies. That honour goes to the section that follows. The game itself seems to realise it has played its trump card too early as we are treated to a generic, cliched and downright awful boss battle which pales in comparison to the rest of the game. In fact, it is only due to all the greatness that preceded it, including possibly the best twist ever seen in a game, that Bioshock can still be found on many people's Top 10 lists. Thankfully, Ken Levine learned his lesson and gave us a much better resolution in Bioshock Infinite.

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