10 Worst Things You Can Do In Sims Games

How far do you have to go before you're classed as a bit weird?

The Sims

When The Sims first hit computer screens back in the year 2000, gamers were hooked. Back then, playing house was the norm, dressing up toys to behave like real people was a common occurrence, and we even based our Lego men and women on people we knew. Yet The Sims made that pastime more real than ever.

A few expansion packs later and numerous attempts at getting our Sims to woohoo, a darker side reared its ugly head. The virtual dollhouse had become more than just playing a game, it became a place to reveal our ugly sides. Gone were the days of standard game playing, and even using the cheat to get endless amounts of money seemed juvenile. The Sims had morphed into something darker, and it had the mods to prove it.

What came next was a whirlwind of death and self-destruction. One minute we were drowning our Sims only to outdo it the next day with a full-blown mass murder. We figured out that not only could we summon death but we could make out with them too. The Sims had gone rogue and we couldn't get enough of it.

10. The Classic Pool And Ladder Scenario

The Sims
EA Maxis

It wasn't long before someone figured out that removing a ladder from a swimming pool could end in a Sim drowning to death, something that many people began to appreciate more than they should.

Sure, it might be an easy way to plan a murder but it is also worth noting just how long it takes because your Sim definitely doesn't go down without a fight. This means that you have to sit and wait while your Sim slowly and painfully swims themselves to death. It's dark, demented, and often upsetting, especially as they keep voicing their concerns as to why they cannot get out.

But that's the thing, why can't they get out? Surely they don't need a ladder to just climb out of a swimming pool? In the early days of The Sims, this was indeed the case, but after numerous drownings, the Sims got smart and managed to pull themselves out once Sims 3 came along. This then led players to become even more inventive, resulting in the classic fence around the pool job that put an end to a Sim ever escaping a pool again.

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