10 Worst Video Game Heroes Of All Time

9. Aiden Pearce (Watch Dogs)

Devil may cry dante

Worst Offence: Not even Aiden Pearce remembers who Aiden Pearce is.

Ever wondered what it’s like to play as a balloon with a face drawn on it? Actually, that’s not fair; balloons have way more character than Aiden Pearce, ‘hero’ of Watch Dogs.

A moody hacker who thinks 'going incognito' involves a baseball cap and a trenchcoat with a popped collar. Mind you, maybe he’s onto something – because Pearce is so god-forsakenly dull, he could slap you in the face with a desktop computer and you still wouldn’t notice him.

Hackers are cool. Or should be, the urban Robin Hoods of our time. Yet, for all his technical wizardry, Pearce seems more interested spying on the denizens of Chicago, stealing money from innocent folks, while developing a psychotic desire to kill policemen. That makes him just as bad as the so-called villains he’s fighting. Even attaching a lame revenge story to him doesn’t make his character any less insufferable.

I'm all for well-written anti-heroes, but Pearce isn’t even that. He’s just a bit of a wally dressed all in black. And for some reason, Ubisoft thought he was exactly the type of dude gamers would want to spend hours with in Watch Dogs.


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