10 Worst Video Games Ever Made (That We Loved As Kids)

The nostalgia goggles have well and truly expired on these ones!

Shadow The Hedgehog

For many gamers, the purest and most enjoyable childhood memories came from sitting in front of a screen with a controller in hand. Sure, going out with friends, playing in parks, and family holidays were awesome, but booting up a console and delving deep into your favourite games was unbeatable.

There were plenty of titles that kids became obsessed with, causing playgrounds all over to become a bonanza of shared secrets, fun stories, and praise thrown onto the latest releases. However while some things, like good wine or leather boots, get better with age, these games have not.

Unfortunately, as technology improves and children grow older, your ability to tell good art from bad shifts and changes. What excited you as a kid can make you cringe as an adult, and in some cases, you realise that the thing you loved is actually utter garbage! While the memories remain, it can often hurt to learn that your childhood classics would bore you today.

The following ten titles filled our childhoods with immense joy and happiness, but going back to play them will make you ask, "Were my standards really this low?"

10. South Park Rally

Shadow The Hedgehog

If you were a kid who loved funny cartoons and rude words, then South Park was a home away from home. It even came with bonus points for being something your parents wouldn't want you to watch for those kids with a rebellious side.

Due to its popularity, video game tie-ins have come in abundance. But, before the days of The Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole, there was South Park Rally, a licensed kart racing game set in the quiet mountain town.

Grabbing a couple of friends and enjoying this ridiculous ride was a blast, as controlling all your favourite characters was raucously fun, and the fast gameplay felt great. Looking at this game now, however, is a very different experience.

As far as branded kart racers go, it is clearly on the cheaper side. The visuals are ugly, the vehicle handling is sloppy, and the general polish is non-existent. It was fun in the 2000s, but it would barely pass as a cheap indie game nowadays.

Of course, the 1998 South Park game also deserves mention. But, even most kids knew that one was lame at the time, especially when compared to this bonkers racer.


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