10 Worst Video Games You’ve Ever Played (According To Reddit)

Is Postal 3 the absolute worst thing this industry has produced?

offensive postal 3

We all have at least one game that sticks out to us as just absolutely tragic, a real waste of our time and effort.

Maybe it was because the game was bugged to hell and thus unplayable, maybe the trailers hyped it up way too much and then the actual product was underwhelming, maybe even everything that could’ve gone wrong with it did. There are a million ways games can let us down, and by jove they continue to find new ones!

The people of Reddit have never been shy when voicing their criticism for things, and with dedicated gaming communities all over the site there are opinions aplenty for us to draw from.

One recent thread dared to broach the topic of the ‘worst game’ users had ever played, and on reading it you can definitely start to understand why some gamers have trust issues when it comes to certain titles and developers.

From little known companies not living up to their potential, to huge developers just continually throwing out garbage titles knowing they’ll rake in the rewards, these Redditors had plenty to complain about. And let’s be real, we all love a bit of a moan sometimes.

10. Madden 19 

offensive postal 3
EA Sports

There was a clear divide in feelings between the critics and the players of Madden NFL 19. Whilst critics were quite nice in general, players pulled no punches when expressing quite how disappointed they were.

Fans claimed that the game was clunky, the gameplay wasn’t smooth, it was full of glitches and the pay-to-win mechanics were more obvious and intrusive than ever. The AI could barely function sufficiently and character creation seemed to have no bearing on gameplay, regardless of stats.

The outrage did nothing to spark improvement in the following franchise instalments it seems, as people seem to agree the games never really got better after that. In fact, some users claimed that Madden 22 was even worse.

Despite renegotiating their contract, NFL is still locked in until 2025 with EA - and fans suspect that this means another few years of garbage games.

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