10 Wrestlers P*ssed At Their WWE 2K23 Rating

Some wrestlers were so baffled by their WWE 2K23 ratings that 2K changed them?!

WWE 2K23 Ratings
2K Games/WWE

Undisputed Champ and all-round megastar Roman Reigns looks down on the rest of the pack in this year's WWE video game. The 'Tribal Chief' has an eye-watering 99 overall, which means he's two points better off than nearest challenger Brock Lesnar and a full three points better than top-ranked female Becky Lynch.

All of those names will be content, but how about those who won't be happy?

Of course, 2K's own 'Ratings Reveal' special on YouTube was a mix of kayfabe aggression and lighthearted banter between hosts and wrestlers about the scores dished out. Look beyond the worked elements though, and you'd maybe spot those who weren't exactly thrilled by what they were hearing.

Does getting a better score in WWE 2K23 mean everything? Well, no, but it is representative of the year these men and women have had on company TV. That's why there were some miffed glances when the ratings came out - some might've even had a quiet word behind the scenes, and fans definitely shouted loud enough to get one worker's score changed.

Here are all the WWE stars with a serious grumble ahead of 2K23's release.

10. Shotzi

WWE 2K23 Ratings

Rating: 75

Shotzi was a 77 overall last year, but she's tumbled two full points to 75. Why? Well, she's hardly had a banner year on SmackDown, and even managed to lock herself in the dressing room on an episode last year. That came after WWE 2K22's release, and it might go some way to explaining why she's fallen.

It's pretty rare for 2K to drop a wrestler's score by more than one point, so Shotzi should maybe take this as a sign that things aren't exactly clicking for her on Fridays. In fairness, she took the news in stride during the 'Ratings Reveal' piece, but she was clearly unhappy.

Things could get worse come 2K24 if WWE creative doesn't give Shotzi more to do - she's only really on the roster to act as a temp tag-team partner for bigger stars the writers have nothing else for solo, which is a real shame.


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