10 Zombie Games That Could Help Save Your Life

lollipopchainsaw Zombies have been my favorite monsters for as long as I can remember. They come in all shapes and sizes and also in various media. The craze was kick started with George A. Romero with his classic flick The Night of the Living Dead. This film set the foundations for the genre as we know it: recently reanimated corpses brought back to life whose sole drive is to consume human flesh and brain. The zombie has evolved over the years going from the stereotypical archetype to a more cunning and aggressive adversary who have the ability to run... and let's face it, if the zombies rise up, I hope to God they're the slow kind. Fortunately though, in preparation for the zombie uprising, video game companies have produced a mass of games dealing with this very subject matter. Here we count down 10 of the best zombie games available. Not only are these some of the best zombie games ever made, but we recommend them purely because one day, they could actually help save your life. Well, if you play them enough, that is.

10. Killing Floor

killingfloor-1 Killing Floor is a first person shooter which is focused on cooperative play while battling through waves of zombie like creatures and other monstrosities. The game was set in London, England and had you control an ex-army or Special Branch member in a bid to stop the disaster. You were encouraged to work as a team in many ways such as the usual covering team mates to giving money to less fortunate team mates or by welding doors shut to keep the horde at bay. You could kit your character out in a different class to level them up which yielded gameplay bonuses. For example, if you had your player as a melee user, you got increased damage when using melee weapons and so on. After surviving each wave you are given the chance to locate the Trader who will supply you with more ammo or new guns and when you got to the final wave- you had to fight the Patriarch- the huge chainsaw wielding Grand Daddy of the zombie horde.
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