11 "Hated" Video Games You Should Play In 2022

Were we too harsh?

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Even if a platformer, RPG, or a beat-em-up is hyped beyond measure for years, gamers can be turned off immediately if it receives anything less than glowing reviews. If there is the slightest murmur of glitches or server issues, people will dismiss the game, without bothering to play it themselves.

Titles like Street Fighter V, KOTOR: The Sith Lords, or Devil May Cry: DmC were far from perfect but they received so much hate, they now live in infamy. But if you actually sit down and play them, it's clear the good far outweighs the bad.

More often than not, the most hated titles usually have one or two issues that players focused on so much, they didn't give the rest of the game a chance.

We're also lucky to live in a time where a game's most glaring issues can be fixed with patches. But sometimes, the wounds run too deep. Even if a game is patched until it's pretty much perfect, most people will just think of what it was like when it launched, rather than what it has become.

These ten entries may have been reviled upon release but, looking back at them with fresh eyes, it's clear they deserve another shot.

11. Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

cyberpunk 2077 judy

With the success of Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, fans couldn't be more excited when Level-5 announced a sequel. But as soon as gamers got their hands on Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom, they noticed a major issue - it was way too easy.

Providing no challenge, fans zipped through the campaign with little effort. Even though it's satisfying to vanquish enemies in most RPGs, it's not gratifying when the battles feel like child's play.

Level-5 heard these complains loud and clear, and thus, added two new difficulty settings several months later.

The developers could've left it at that but they bent over backwards to make amends by adding, not one, not two, but three DLCs. When Revenant Kingdom became available on the Nintendo Switch in 2021, it included all previous downloadable content from the get-go.

Ni no Kuni II still has its problems (such as those tedious recruitment missions) but fans of the first game should give it a chance. It's not as good as its predecessor but the latest additions of Revenant Kingdom have transformed a mediocre sequel into a solid follow-up.


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