11 Accidental Video Game Events That Cost THOUSANDS

Everyone makes mistakes, but not all cost a decade's wages.

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Video games have never been more popular, causing the industry to grow at an incredible rate.

With rapidly increasing popularity, technology, and tighter deadlines, it can be hard for developers to make the right decisions.

Did we check that line of code? Can this server hold enough people? Will this PR stunt help sell the game? These are all questions developers must ask themselves. And they don’t always answer correctly.

From PR creating a poorly planned event, to designers leaving something in a game that might be exploited, the video game industry doesn’t always run smoothly. Occasionally though, there are big mistakes. An overlooked line of code or a poorly thought out idea can impact a large amount of the player base, costing the company (or the players) thousands.

These types of mistakes can leave a bad mark on a company. Some use it to strengthen their team and gain valuable experience, but others may never be the same again.

Either way, the company handles the problem. These are some of the most impactful decisions that cost the company or players thousands.

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