11 Awesome Actors Who Gave Awful Video Game Performances

Paycheck performances at their absolute worst.

Destiny Peter Dinklage
Bungie & HBO

Though the video game industry is now popular enough to rival the billion-dollar grosses of Hollywood, it's fair to say that the majority of games still come up short in the narrative department when compared to the best books, movies and TV.

However, with even the Hollywood elite now taking games seriously as an artistic medium, we're seeing an increasing amount of A-list talent lending their voices and likenesses to major AAA games, such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe starring in Beyond: Two Souls, Kevin Spacey joining the Call of Duty franchise, Martin Sheen appearing in the Mass Effect trilogy and so on.

However, not every actor cares as much about their voiceover work as those actors did, and even some of the film industry's best, most respected and most iconic actors have freely phoned in their performances for a quick paycheck.

From actors reprising beloved movie roles for a dumptruck full of cash they couldn't turn down, to cinema legends who sounded like they chugged a bottle of sleeping pills before stumbling into the recording booth, these spectacularly terrible, off-kilter performances are depressing and oft-hilarious reminders of what name actors can get away with when a game desperately craves brand recognition by any means necessary...

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