11 Best 2021 Video Games You Didn't Play

The Forgotten City deserves your love.

the artful escape
Beethoven & Dinosaur

After a year of ups, downs and everything-in-betweens, it's that time where we can bask in the glory of shared recommendations.

Granted, this year's rollout of games can absolutely be held up as one of the most disappointing or fairly flat in entertainment history... but there's also the reality of the last almost-two-years, and just how much that affects a team of people trying to code numbers into playable video games.

Still, if you ask me there are TONS of recommendable titles out there - you just need to know where to look.

Because although we're very much clamouring for new, worthwhile titles, the reality of Game Pass, scattered team sizes and Zoom-call marketing plans can leave some of the finest titles of 2021 just sitting, waiting for you to put in the legwork and seek them out.

2021 sadly can't hold a candle to the Ghost of Tsushima, Last of Us 2 and Hades-fuelled delights of 2020, but that's not to say there aren't a bevy of must-plays you can now find cheaper than ever.


Also, check out our video from the midpoint of 2021 for even more awesome recommendations from the first half of the year:

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