11 Biggest Video Game Plot Holes You Can’t Explain

So... why couldn't they just use a Phoenix Down on Aeris?

Final Fantasy Vii Aeris Death

Although it's something that any seasoned gamer will vehemently deny, gaming as a medium is rarely privy to any exceptional stories. Now, before you weaponise your torches n' pitchforks in the comments below, have a think on which stories you'd throw up as some of the best of all time. It's about five titles right? The Last of Us, Red Dead, a Final Fantasy or three - hardly the overwhelming "How dare you?!" list necessary to combat this otherwise common viewpoint.

However, some developers take it upon themselves to craft amazing and thought-provoking narratives across all their titles - making for varied results in the execution when it comes to individual players skipping cutscenes, staring off in the wrong direction of simply not being capable enough to finish something through difficulty alone.

For those of us that do get through though, and do keep up with everything from the time-travelling madness of Bioshock: Infinite to the myriad of intersecting plotlines in Hotline Miami 2 - it makes for all the worse when something sticks out and derails everything anyway.

Now, this list isn't going to pull apart anything in a remotely malicious way, but like every post-credits chat everyone indulges in with friends, co-workers and more - it's in pointing out the tiniest inconsistencies that always makes for the best debates.

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